River Mouth Review, “How People Tell Time is an Intimate and Local Fact About Them” (forthcoming)

Iron Horse Literary Review, “Happy Easter You Sonofabitch” and “I want to ride through the cornfields” (forthcoming)


Denver Quarterly, “Thou Wast Mild and Lovely” and “We usually only recognized our kin when there appeared from behind a large bush out in the field”

Diode Poetry Journal, “The House” and “The Painting Above My Therapist’s Head” (forthcoming)

Psaltery & Lyre, “The Body is Water and the Water has Origins” and “Self-Portrait as Dreadnought”

Cave Wall, “When My Grandmother Barbara Jean Was Dying, My Mother Sat On Her Bed and Played House of the Rising Sun on Her Guitar, Because It Was the Only Song She Knew”


Poetry Daily, “Larks”

The Iris Murdoch Review, “The Flaying of Marsyas” and “Poem with a Pair of Fighting Hawks and Iris Murdoch”

Poet Lore, “Without Chickens”

Sweet Literary, “Poem With a Wall Between East and West”

Sycamore Review, “Morning Tasks in Vermont”

You Are the River (North Carolina Museum of Art anthology), “The Artist Declines to Explain the Compositions of Storks”

UCity Review, “Poem with a Fairy Tale, Nesting Hawks and Space,” “Poem with Hundreds of Flowers,” “Poem with a Doe and Running in the Park,” “Poem Beginning with a Couplet from Wang Wei,” “Poem with a Stanza for Each Tree in My Yard,” “Away from the Pines for a Week at the Outer Banks”

Up the Staircase Quarterly, “Larks”

Poetry Northwest, “My Love Snakes the Shower Drain to Keep My Feet from Standing Water”


Verse Daily, “The Lives of My Childhood” (originally published in Cherry Tree)

Tinderbox Poetry Journal, “Why the Names of Flowers” and “Vulture”

Kenyon Review, “Love as a Succession of Absences,” “Poem Beginning with a Line from Claudia Rankine,” “Locusts or Complaint as Protest” (Hear the poems)

RHINO Poetry, “My Mother’s Brown Plaid Drapes”

On the Seawall, “When Someone Says a poem is Masterful” and “Isabel”

Cherry Tree, “The Lives of My Childhood”

Malasaña, “Poem with Winter and New Mattress and Hawk” 


The National Poetry Review, “If Childhood Were According to Berries and Flowers”

Ethel Zine Vol. 3, “Syllables like Leaves or a Small Treatise on Fate” 

Southern Humanities Review, “A Visitor Says Things are Rotting in Durham, NC”

The Baltimore Review, “Tractors”

Parentheses Journal, “How to Function in an Anxious State” and “The Grammar of Gendered Appropriation”


The Greensboro Review, “I want the plainest things”

About Place, “Poem Ending in a Line from C.D. Wright”

Glass: A Journal of Poetry, “Signs”

Poached Hare, five poems including “The Garden of Earthly Delights, I,” “The Garden of Earthly Delights, II” and “Couple in a Floating Peach with an Egret” for Le Spécial Mensuel

storySouth, “Chicken Farming in the Pelican State”

Cotton Xenomorph, Manifesto

Dirty Paws Poetry Review (special feature: Women of the South), “The Virginia Flaggers Erect Another Confederate Flag in the Commonwealth of Virginia”

poems2go, “Dixie Land Delight” and “What Escaped” (reprint from American Poetry Journal)

The Indianapolis Review, “The Grammar of Habit” and “Burr Crown,”

American Poetry Journal, “What Escaped”

The Longleaf Review, “The Pink Duck” and “Dowry of a Nature Explorer”

EcoTheo Review, “Couple With Their Heads Full of Clouds” and “It was a field before it was a battlefield”

Roanoke Review, “Sleeping by an Open Window in October” and “The summer we had lice”

Unbroken Journal, “I Knew a Cop”

Thrush, “The Light Has Always Been Going Down” (Web Weekly Feature at Verse  Daily, March 26, 2018)

The McNeese Review, “Confederate Statues are Falling this Morning” and “This Hour”

The Christian Century, “Hickory Tree”

Cotton Xenomorph, “Even pines have crowns”


UCity Review“This Morning I carry with Me,” “Tantrum,” “Preschool Holiday”


Berfrois, “Rock & Water” and “Sleepers”


St Katherine Review, “In Reference to Stars”

Berfrois, “The Surviving Fairy Tale” and “What is Metaphysics”

ILK Journal, “On Longinus the Sublime and Perhaps Milton’s Blindness” and “It Gives a Lovely Light”


111O, “Diana”

Tipton Poetry Journal, “River”

Flourish Magazine, “Little” and “Crows (reprint)”

Prick of the Spindle, “Oedipus,” “How to Shout..,” “Some Substances…”

Berfrois, “Some koi live for two hundred years”

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Spirituality & Health Magazine, “Last Days”


Measure: A Review of Formal Poetry, “The House”

So To Speak, “To Charles Olson”

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The Christian Century, “Cantata”

Divine Dirt Quarterly, “Crows”

The Basilica Review, “Sunflower Variation” & “Annotation for Joyce on Boxing Day”