Manuscript Consultations

Note: currently not accepting manuscript consultations (2022)

I offer manuscript consultations for poetry or hybrid genre chapbooks (up to 30pp) and full-length collections (up to 75pp).

Editing feedback includes in-line edits (if desired), organizational and ordering feedback, a project description (can be used in query letters as well as a foundation text for jacket copy/cover description) and recommended next steps for the manuscript.

My rates are $30-75/hr, depending on the type of editing, OR a flat fee of $150 (chapbook) or $300 (full-length) per manuscript. My aim is to offer affordable editing feedback, but I do want to acknowledge that men and new writers often ask me to read their work for free, and that I am a busy parent, editor and writer myself.

I’m also happy to consider editing needs that fall outside of those outlined above, such as: proofreading manuscripts (poetry or prose), formatting manuscripts (page breaks, section breaks, pagination, table of contents, etc), providing feedback on individual poems/essays, or separating combined manuscripts into multiple projects.


“I gave Han a messy stack of over 100 finished poems and she subtly and deftly ordered them into two manuscripts. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”


“Han’s reading made me feel so exuberantly seen. From my manuscript’s title to its epigraph to its final line, Han crystallized the project’s central concerns and gently pushed me to expand on those that felt unfinished. Their critique letter rendered a clear, concise project description that advocates for my work and moves my manuscript closer to publication.”


“I am amazed by the scope of Han’s expertise; they are an editor who generously helps out with the details as well as the big picture. I honestly felt completely lost in the vast forest of my work until Han appeared like a good witch who showed me the way through. I now feel confident in the “aboutness” of my work– in the miraculous fact that I even have a manuscript as such. I went from despairing over disorganized files to prepping for first book contests. I consider Han to be my creative midwife. I can’t wait to think of an excuse to work with them again, and I would recommend Han’s manuscript consultations to anyone and everyone.”