Manuscript Consultations

I offer manuscript consultations for poetry chapbooks (up to 30pp) and full-length collections (up to 75pp). Past clients have included poets Kate Colby and Rachel Edelman.

Editing feedback includes in-line edits (if desired), organizational and ordering feedback, a project description (can be used in query letters as well as a foundation for jacket copy) and recommended next steps for the manuscript.

My rates are $30-75/hr, depending on the type of editing, OR a flat fee of $150 (chapbook) or $300 (full-length) per manuscript. My aim is to offer affordable editing feedback, but I do want to acknowledge that men and new writers often ask me to read their work for free, and that I am a busy parent, editor and writer myself.

I’m also happy to consider editing needs that fall outside of those outlined above, such as:

  • proofreading manuscripts (poetry or prose)
  • formatting manuscripts (page breaks, section breaks, pagination, table of contents, etc)
  • providing feedback on individual poems/essays
  • separating combined manuscripts into multiple projects