Three Poets

for Jessica Cuello and Kasey Jueds

walking together

by a blue-mouthed reservoir

each one a writer of darkness, silence

the red squirrels running the fence

the mountains peering down

what does your shirt say, asks an older woman, walking

poesía y putería—poetry and whoring, one of us answers

all of us laughing

as an oriole whistles

as an eagle flies above

the blessing of the birds in its talons

Thinking this morning what an enormous blessing it is to connect with other writers–that twitter is not a community, but that it can provide access to communities many of us do not have locally. Jessica Cuello and Kasey Jueds are both poet “twitter friends,” and I had the great joy of staying with Jessica in a cabin in the Catskills for a few days this summer. While there, we discovered Kasey lived less than ten minutes away (!!!) so we met for a walk together at a nature preserve. All three of us have books out this year, and Kasey and Jessica’s are so stunning–The Thicket and Liar. Get yourself copies, ASAP! Also check out the very first episode of Of Poetry Podcast, that I recorded with Jessica at the tiny kitchen table in the Catskills. An episode with Kasey is in the works!